Smart Cloud Solution. Smarter Supply Chain.

With smart cloud solutions, organizations can optimize inventory management, enhance demand forecasting accuracy, and drive operational efficiency, ultimately delivering a smarter and more responsive supply chain.

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Digital Supply Chain

Supply chains are complex. There are a lot of different players. And disruption is becoming the norm. Businesses must be able to operate seamlessly within their ecosystem of functional teams, partners, logistics providers, customers, and other stakeholders, and work together to navigate and mitigate supply chain risk, while improving customer experience.

The rising consumer demand for faster delivery and personalized experiences has prompted supply chain leaders to adopt innovative technologies and strategies to meet these expectations while maintaining cost-efficiency.


Fragmented Data Across Network Nodes And Limited Visibility


Multitude Of Internal And External Risks, Including Global Events


Do Not Have Industry 4.0-Ready Equipment


Tug Of War – Business Process Control Vs. Collaboration


Bristlecone and Google Cloud have partnered to bring you a rapid-deployment, multi-tiered solution that will empower you with unprecedented supply chain visibility, synergy and control. Our Digital Supply Chain solution bundles supply chain expertise with best-in-class data aggregation, information exchange, collaboration, risk management, AI-powered analytics and robust cloud technologies.

Digital Supply Chain Twin

Digital Supply Chain Twin

360° Data Aggregation & Information Exchange Hub
Digitally mirror your entire supply chain ecosystem and unite data silos on the Google Cloud Platform. Gain end-to-end supply chain visibility and see the big picture with interdependencies by organizing and orchestrating data across the private, community and public segments.

  • Private: Enterprise system data – orders, forecasts, inventory, pricing, cost, machine run time, etc.
  • Community: Trusted collaboration of data sets with suppliers, logistics providers and customers.
  • Public: Data from public and industry sources, such as news, weather, traffic, risk, sustainability, etc.
Supply Chain Pulse

Supply Chain Pulse

Collaborative Network & Risk Management

Arm your team with analytics, collaboration and alert-driven event management across functions. Analyze and visualize your entire supply chain network to identify bottlenecks, enhance planning capabilities and enable collaborative management of risks and events.

  • Collaboration: Collaborate quickly and effectively across your entire supply chain network.
  • Analytics: Gain real-time visibility and advanced analytics to improve planning and forecasting.
  • Alerts: Leverage alert-based event management to prompt timely, relevant, collaborative action.

Simulation & Optimization

AI/ML-Driven Supply Chain Solvers

Leverage advanced AI/ML algorithms to significantly reduce risks and meet sustainability targets. Simulate multi-variable scenarios for supply chain optimization, autonomous control and cognitive decision-making.

  • Demand Shaping
  • Inventory Positioning
  • Perfect Fulfillment
  • Sustainability

Our digital supply chain solution leverages cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, IoT, and AI to enable end-to-end visibility, seamless collaboration, and streamlined processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.


Real-Time Visibility And Advanced Analytics – View End-To-End Supply Chain And Drill Down By Geospatial, KPIs And Various Value Chain Steps


Alert-Based Risk Management – Remove Bottlenecks And Resolve Anomalies In Advance With Automated Alerts Derived From Multiple Data Sources


Collaboration Between Teams And Partners – Collaborate With Internal And External Partners, Such As Transporters At The Fleet Or Driver Level


AI-Driven Optimization And Simulation – Leverage AI To Simulate Multi-Variable Scenarios And Optimize Supply Chain Decision-Making

Use Cases

Gain timely and relevant data-driven insights throughout your supply chain ecosystem.

Digital Logistics

  • Real-Time Shipment
  • VisibilityShipment Risk: Alerts and Events

Cognitive Manufacturing

  • Predictive Maintenance

Smart Procurement

  • Supplier Risk Management
  • Commodity Price Risk Management


  • Connected Supply Chain
  • Smart Factory / Smart Operations

Autonomous Planning

  • Demand Sensing
  • Demand Shaping


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